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zhengxu Coin Deposit Lock (Coin Return Lock) | coin lock | token lock | coin locker lock | special coin coin coin lock |

Product Name

Coin Deposit Lock (Coin Return Lock)

Product No.
Product Dimension
Product Material
Stainless Steel
Product Brand
Used in supermarket, shopping center, center, public swimming baths, skating rink entertainment such as JiCunBao ark of special locks

User can use the lock after inputting 1 piece correct coin (Unavailable without coin) Coin will

be returned when user open the door.

Demo Video Graphic description Specification
Detailed Description




●Only specified correct coin(s) can be inserted.


    • Coin Lock Feature
      1. Can distinguish fake coins
      2. To prevent using without coin inserting
      3. To prevent re-inserting coin during using
      4. Free of coin jamming, free of coin sliding
      5. Master Key can open all cabinet door under emergency

      condition, and also can uninstall the defective lock
      6. Lock barrel with patent structure, difficult to copy the key


      Convenient Operation, Simple Maintainence
      ●Lock is workable once inputting specified correct

    • coin(s). Unavailable if insert other coin(s) or without coin(s)
      ●Self-service operation is to save labour charges and

    • to pretect users’ privacy in order to avoid any dispution
      ●Just ready some simple accessories for replacement,

    • then it can exempt of after-service trouble.



      Stable, Practical, Leading Technology
      ●Lock mechanism is made from stainless steel,

    • accurately
      ●Adopt newest national patent technology to secure zero

    • failure (free of coin jaming or sliding) Coin selected Slot (bigger or

      smaller coin can not be inserted)
      ●Can customize the coin lock according to different

    • countries’ coin size (Coin Diameter 16 to 26MM,

    • thickness is up to 2.5mm)



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