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15 wal-mart coin locker door

Product Name

15 wal-mart coin locker door

Product No.
Product Dimension
Product Material

Lengzha BanGui body, stainless steel lock frame,

zinc alloy lock core

Product Brand

Suitable for use in a supermarket, shopping malls, center, public swimming baths, entertainment such as

skating rink

Valet storage items, be exempted from need workers service
Demo Video Graphic description Specification
Detailed Description

ZXL - C series 15 coin locker door wal-mart standard for ZXC coin lock


Coin locks are:
1, identify counterfeit function;
2, prevent doesn't pay to use a function;
3, prevent the use of coin again;
4, ensure zero fault (BuKa currency, not sliding currency) function;
5, with emergency management key to open the door, maintenance, installation lock function;
6, locks, special design, the key is difficult to copy;


Only a dare to in the contract written commitment "coin lock BuKa currency, not sliding currency" of the manufacturers.


Easy to use:
Specified into the coin slot can be used to prevent other COINS, prevent not pay to use.Artificial send back money when using,

can save the fee and protect customer privacy, not easy to cause disputes.Only equipped with spare parts replacement of

simple and convenient, can be exempted from after-sales service and maintenance costs of the worry, really once and for all.


Stable and durable:
Locks for the stainless steel, with accurate;Using 2005 national patent technology to ensure that the use of zero failure (BuKa

currency, not sliding currency function), technology leading China.Cabinet and the door is made of high-quality lengzha board

with body surface rust phosphating treatment, look again at the end of the static powder spraying by modernization processing,

simple sense is advanced, and prolong the life of cabinet put oneself in another's position, completely achieve anticorrosive,

antirust effect.ABS antistatic die-casting door, beautiful and durable.


Security is easy to management:
The guest the lock with a key difference in more than 2 million groups, extremely difficult to make;Replaceable, and equipped

to manage the key and lock key and lock core is one to one correspondence, never repeated.
1. Since there is little point of failure, so the management convenient.
2. No consumables, save operating cost, durability and environmental management.
3. Due to the internal structure is simple, the buyer can maintenance, saving maintenance costs.
4. Identify and mercedes-benz BMW keys - safety guarantee.
5. Equipped with intelligent management keys - emergency out and replace the lock function.
6. Identify key conforms to the popularization of using habits - for young and old.


To money order:
COINS to be customized according to the different size (such as the euro, the dollar, Hong Kong dollar, the yuan ┈)


Save package:
1. Please pay and add items
2. Please lock the door and take the key
Take the package:
1. Please insert the key and open
2. Please take money and take package

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