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School cell phone charging tank - millet mobile phones, huawei, samsung mobile phones, apple charging cabinet

Product Name

School cell phone charging tank

Product No.
Product Dimension
Product Material
0.9 cold plate
Product Brand
School, company, factory
Each one a bin to provide an independent power socket recharge electronic schoolbag or tablet
Demo Video Graphic description Specification
Detailed Description
Other model data
The picture note
size 1100*1660*230 1100*1860*230 0.9 the thickness of the material
Rechargeable cell phone 48 cell phone 54 cell phone Charging quantity


Rechargeable coin locker instruction manual (with screen printing technology) is not easy to fade, not falling, the overall

characteristics of the beauty is generous
(2). Coin locks are:
1, identify counterfeit function;
2, prevent doesn't pay to use a function;
3, prevent the use of coin again;
4, zero fault (BuKa currency, not sliding currency function);
5, with emergency management key to open the door, maintenance, installation lock function;
6, anti-theft, pry proof functions;
(3). Rechargeable coin locker - door
(4). The power supply socket (made of imported high quality accessories)
1. The current rating: 6 (A)
2. The shell material: PC + ABS
3. Conductive material: H62 brass
4. The rated voltage: 150-250 (V)
(5). The circuit design (PVC insulated wire and outsourcing soft PVC sheathed wire)
1. PVC insulated wire with flame retardant, fire-resistant, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, moistureproof, mouldproof,

environmental protection and other features
2. Soft PVC sheathed wire with flame retardant, fire-resistant, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, moistureproof,

mouldproof, environmental protection and other features
6. The leakage protection device (external leakage protection switch has the function of over-current, over-voltage protection)

Easy to use:
Specified into the coin slot can be out of the use of charging, prevent other COINS, prevent not pay to use

Stable and durable:
Locks for the stainless steel, with accurate;Using 2005 national patent technology to ensure that the use of zero failure (BuKa currency, not sliding currency function), technology leading China.

Security is easy to management:
The guest the lock with a key difference in more than 2 million groups, extremely difficult to make;Replaceable, and equipped

to manage the key and lock key and lock core is one to one correspondence, never repeated.

Beautiful and easy:
Cabinet put oneself in another's position and cupboard door is made of high quality manufacture (1.0 mm) is made, cabinet

put oneself in another's surface phosphating treatment, electrostatic plastic spraying, color has a variety of choice;Graphic

and lock using screen printing and printing technology, to ensure the long-term use of do not fade, don't fall off.

To money order:
COINS to be customized according to the different size (such as the euro, the dollar, Hong Kong dollar, the yuan )

Plug-in coin locker
Plug-in coin locker is designed for schools and other places a convenient school management, solve the problem of accommodation student mobile phone charging security new locker.

Locker selects the coin lock with national patent technology to control the cupboard door, to ensure the long-term use of

trouble-free (BuKa currency, not sliding currency);To pay to use, after use can retrieve the coin of way (i.e. remove the key,

leave the form of a coin pledge) management;With management keys at the same time, all can open the box and replacing

the lock core, the key to effectively solve the loss, in the case of problems, convenient for unified management.

Power socket made using imported high quality accessories;Circuit design with refractory, acid and alkali resistant,

oil resistant and flame retardant, moistureproof, mouldproof, environmental protection and other characteristics;And have

a leakage protection switch.Plug-in coin locker has safe, durable, easy to use and management, etc.

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