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School of electronic

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Special charging tank - eight hospitals special charging tank - to 8 hospitals special charging tank at the same time

Product Name

Hospital special charging cabinet

Product No.
Product Dimension
Product Material
0.9 cold plate
Product Brand
The hospital is special

A bin for each and every case provide a separate outlet charging tablets and other electronic products,

each all high-end insulation materials on the shop

Demo Video Graphic description Specification
Detailed Description

Hospital special charging tank is designed in view of the hospital and other places a convenient management,

solve the tablet computers and other electronic products security issues of new hosting battery cabinet.

The characteristics of hospital special charging tank:


1, easy to use, simple installation and maintenance:
Specified into the coin slot can use close the door, prevent other COINS, prevent not coin use;Charging circuit in locks,

cabinet put oneself in another's position front), installation channel locks can installation and maintenance, safe and simple;


2, stable and durable, safe environmental protection:
Locks for the stainless steel, with accurate;Using 2005 national patent technology to ensure that the use of zero failure (BuKa

currency, not sliding currency function), technology leading Chinese;Power socket made using imported high quality

accessories;Circuit design with refractory, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant and flame retardant, moistureproof,

mouldproof, environmental protection and other characteristics;And standard leakage switch protection device,

the overall safety, environmental protection;

3, safe and easy management:
One man, one box, independent use;The guest the lock with a key difference in more than 2 million groups, extremely

difficult to make;Key and lock core is one to one correspondence, never repeat;Management can change the lock key

and emergency open the door, to avoid someone long time bin and does not destroy cabinet put oneself in another's

position under the condition of changing user (in lock);

4, beautiful and easy:
Cabinet put oneself in another's position and cupboard door is made of high quality manufacture (1.0 mm) is made,

cabinet put oneself in another's surface phosphating treatment, electrostatic plastic spraying, color has a variety of choice;

Each bin for high-end on the shop, the insulation of the fine material, safe and beautiful and easy;Cabinet put oneself in

another's position is hanging installation, do not take up floor space;

5, to coin order:
COINS to be customized according to the different size (such as the euro, the dollar, Hong Kong dollar, the yuan )

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