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School of electronic

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Apple tablet charging car

School of electronic

schoolbag charging car

10 tablets charging box

School electronic schoolbag charging car - 40 apple tablet charge - at the same time to 40 apple tablet computer

charging car

Product Name

School of electronic schoolbag charging car

Product No.
Product Dimension
Product Material
0.7 cold plate
Product Brand
School, company, factory
Can charge the battery at the same time many tablet computer
Demo Video Graphic description Specification
Detailed Description
Other model data
1255*640*480MM , 0.7 the thickness of the material

Each layer

of the


3 layer (10)

on each floor

3 layer (13)

on each floor

4 layer (10)

on each floor

3 layer (15)

on each floor

4 layer (13)

on each floor

4 layer (15)

on each floor





30 tablet


39 tablet


40 tablet


45 tablet


52 tablet


60 tablet





ZHENGXU Brand is Table PC power charging cart designed and manufactured by Guangzhou Zhengxu Metal Products Co.,Ltd.

Compared with foreign similart facilities,with mechanical design, Security power Charging technology and cable administration,

ZHENGXU Tablet PC power charging cart offers high quality ,competitive rate and excellent solution in safe storage and safe

power charging issue to the customers


Product Description:
1.Power Charging cart is designed for central storaging and controlling the power charging for the tablet PC
2.It can charge for 40 to 60 pieces tablet PC synchronously
3.This facility can charge tablet PC automatically once getting connetion


Product Safety
ZHENGXU offers a series functional design to secure customers under safe condition.
1.For all outside power charging connection port, voltage is under human safety range. Customers will not contact 220 V

oltage during operation.
2.All tablet PC will be placed in Vertical mode during charging
3.All eletrical parts from ZHENGXU have passed 3C certificate OR EU CE certificate
4.Power input turn on/off buttons.Control power on/off for charging in each floor.
5.Charging cart is with security equipment. If exceed 16A, it will cut off power automatically to secure the tablet PC in safe.
6.Built-in exhaust fan to avoid high temperature
7.Each charging cart has front and back door; Back door is for maintainence and only available for specialties or related

techinicians to install or check this facility. Front door and back door are with different keys. User can not open the door

under normal operation.


1.Safe storge, safe charging
2.Safe power control (electricity leakage protection, short-circuit protection)
3.Effective AC adaptor cable control
4.Available for most tablet PC (Can be customized according to tablet PC)
5.High quality Super mute shock absorption universal wheel (Brake function)
6.Ergonomic handle (Trolley)
7.Mold construction, user can self-replace or maintain


Product Advantage
1.ZHENGXU products are widely applied in: School, Company, supermarket, library, bookshop, swimming pools,baths,

water park,factory,station,club,and any other entertainment place in public.
2. So far Guangzhou Zhengxu has successfully cooperated with many mutlinational groups and domestic enterprises

( Wal-mart, Carrefour, New best, Vanguard, SPAR, Xinghai Concert Hall, Zhongshan university, Province library, Minrun,

etc, providing products and services) enjoy a high reputation for our excellent products and comprehensive services worldwide.
3. Afer-sale Service office: One Service office within 1 KM for each product (Spread 300 after-sale service office in China)


Optional Accessories
1.Universal Socket: 220V power. Available for Laptop,projector and so on power input (Optional)
2.Temperature control function: control exhaust fan. Fan will be turn on automatically if temperature is over 50 degree (Optional)
3.TP Link installation: Fix TP Link by manual (Optional)
4.Inernet Cablet Port: connect TP Link and tablet PC to be on internet (Optional)
5.Drawer: Can place Laptop (Optional)


Technical Parameters
Voltage: AC 220V
Frequency: 50-60HZ
Power: 400W
Alternating Current ú╝16A
Charging Voltage 5.1V
Charging Current Max 2A per tablet PC

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