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10 tablets charging box

10 tablets box - 10 tablet battery box - and recharge 10 tablet computer

Product Name

10 tablets charging box

Product No.
Product Dimension
Product Material
1.2 cold plate
Product Brand
Apple's tablet
Rechargeable 10 tablet computer
Demo Video Graphic description Specification
Detailed Description

Aiming at serving school students and teachers,ZHENGXU Brand is Table PC power charging cart designed and manufactured

by Guangzhou Zhengxu Metal Products Co.,Ltd. Compared with foreign similart facilities,with mechanical design, Security

power Charging technology and cable administration, ZHENGXU Tablet PC power charging cart offers high quality ,

competitive rate and excellent solution in safe storage and safe power charging issue to the customers


Share and enjoy limited modern educational facilities in different classrooms and among different students.


Product Application
Workable with any size IPAD tablet PC, electronic Reader,touch type electronic facilities


How to use
1.Connet the charging cable from the cart to your IPAD charging port. It can charge for 10 pieces tablet PC synchronously


Safety First
ZHENGXU offers a series functional design to secure students under safe condition.
1.For all outside power charging connection port, voltage is under human safety range. Students will not contact 220 Voltage

during operation.
2.All tablet PC will be placed in Vertical mode during charging
3.All eletrical parts from ZHENGXU have passed 3C certificate OR EU CE certificate
4.There are power on/off buttons to control power charging on/off .
5.Charging cart is with security equipment. If exceed 2A, it will cut off power automatically to secure the IPAD tablet PC in safe.


1.Safe storge, safe charging
2.Safe power control (electricity leakage protection, short-circuit protection)
3.Effective AC adaptor cable control
4.Available for most tablet PC (Can be customized according to tablet PC)
5.Built-in exhaust fan to avoid high temperature
6.Every power charging cart has a box cover which can be dismounded easily and transported conveniently. The front door

of box cover has a lock which can be locked.


Technical Parameters
Voltage: AC 220V
Frequency: 50-60HZ
Power: 110W
Operation Current ú╝0.8A
Charging Voltage 5.1V
Charging Current Max 2A


Safe charging:
Power socket (Adopting imported customized high quality accessories,which is fire-resistant, endure high-temperature,

impact-resistant, acid and alkali resistant and so on)
Wire design (PVC insulated wire and covered with PVC protective soft cable): the character like inflaming retarding,

fire-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, Resistant to weathering, oil proof,dampproof,mould proof,environment friendly,ect.

Original IPAD charger secure the safe power charging


Elegant appearance,pleasing in form
Charging Cart is made of A grade high quality cold-rolled steel plate(1.2mm) and finished by Derusting, phosphorization

plastic-spray. Various colors are variable for choice


Customization: Can be customized accoriding to any size of tablet PC, electronic reader, touch type electronic facilities

(Such as APPLE ipad, Microsoft Surface, Lenovo, Samsung, Google, Teclast, Cube, Asus and so on.)

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